Victor Oluwadamilare Adedayo
1 min readAug 10, 2017



Take a walk from Jankara down to Ijaiye , you’ll see a gathering of men peering through FrontPages of different newspapers – retired officers, agberos, okada riders, students and civil-servants, picking arguments – from Buhari’s health to Deziani’s loot.

They aren’t buying the papers. They just gather everyday to talk about politics and governance like their lives depend on it. The agbero argues with the Retired General and the civil-servant learns from the boy who’s only there to pick a sport newspaper for fifty naira.

“If only our leaders would invest their loot in this country”

The gathering is not a habit, it’s a culture. They voice out their frustrations – the unemployed graduate and the pension-less retiree. They laugh in unison when their opinions align, other times they sweat it out like bulls with locked horns.

“Make dem just bundle our leaders for one plane, bomb all of dem”

They all laugh. The bell rings and the students leave for assembly.

-Victor Oluwadamilare Adedayo


PS: This story exceeds hundred words.